Shaves their hairy bush and then is filled with seeds


This week's creampie Thai porn video features Bim, a busty 18 year old from Bangkok. Bim Bim, where do I start? Well, first I have to let you shave this hairy bush. Yes, I want to make sure the creampie I plant in you is completely exposed as it oozes out of your 18 year old pussy. So let's give it a Bim Bim Trim. After that, I'll show you my Bim Bam Boom Boom room where I'll be the first white cock you've ever taken in your cute 18 year old cunt. Well she wasn't the most attending bar girl I have ever come across, but she is young and new and someone has to break her in. It's a tough job but someone has to do it lol. Let's just hope that on their next visit we can skip the shaving cream and go straight to the cream cake.

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